How to Donate Handmade Cards

Updated July 20, 2017

Handmade cards mean a lot to people, even when the recipient does not know the individual who designed and made the card. You can donate handmade cards to organisations in several ways. While you may make a lot of holiday-specific cards that are meant for a particular time and occasion, everyday cards that offer good wishes or a simple kind message are appreciated at any time of year.

Contact charity organisations or clubs in your area and ask if they accept donations of handmade cards. Tell them how many cards you have available to donate and what type of cards (general, holiday, birthday) they are. Follow the charities' guidelines as to dropping off the donation or mailing it to their address.

Create a card-making drive to generate many handmade cards to donate at once. Select a particular cause for which you are making the cards, such as thank you cards to donate to a school for its staff and parent volunteers or cheerful cards for a nearby children's hospital. Set out materials such as paper, markers, stickers, pens and stamps and have several work areas available with enough seating for the card makers.

Contact national or international charities with specific card donation programs. Some organisations include: St. Jude's Ranch, Operation Write Home or Random Cards of Kindness Inc.

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