How to Reset the Smart Chip in a Lexmark Cartridge

Updated March 23, 2017

A smart chip is a small chip installed on an inkjet or toner cartridge. The chip helps detect the low ink level of the cartridge, alerting the user of the need to replace the printer cartridge. Many printer manufacturers, including Lexmark, install these chips. Sometimes, however, when you refill a cartridge the chip fails to acknowledge the refilled ink level, as it is not programmed to reset on its own. In order to allow the chip to recognise the refilled level of ink, you must reset it.

Turn off the printer.

Push the "Go" or "Ready" button and the "Return" button simultaneously—while turning the printer on—until the screen displays "Performing Self Test" or "Print Registration," depending on the printer model.

Choose "Maintenance Count" or "Maintenance Page Count."

Press the "Reset" button to reset the cartridge chip.

Press the "Return" button to go back to normal mode.

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