Instructions on how to load a VHS cassette adapter

Updated March 23, 2017

Standard VHS-C cassette adaptors provide an easy way to view smaller, camcorder-recorded cassettes on your home television. They are available at a variety of electronics stores and online, varying in price from £3 to £13. Most cassette adaptors are self-loading, so putting your home movie cassettes into the adaptor is quick and easy, making it a simple way for you to share your memories with friends and family. Soon you will be enjoying your home movies on your television!

Locate the battery compartment on the VHS cassette adaptor. Most consumer cassette adaptors have clearly marked battery compartments on the back of the cassette.

Open the battery compartment on the VHS cassette adaptor by pushing the compartment lid in the direction indicated by the arrows. Insert a AA battery into the battery compartment in cassette adaptor, and snap the lid back into place.

Turn the videocassette back over so the VHS-C cassette compartment is facing up. Gently push the compartment door in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Slide the VHS-C cassette into the compartment with the ribbon side up, then push down gently until the cassette locks into place.

Close the VHS-C compartment by pushing the door in the opposite direction.


The self-loading feature of most VHS cassette adaptors make loading a VHS-C cassette as simple as inserting the smaller tape into the larger one. This will allow you to easily operate the smaller cassette through your VCR without having to synchronise the tapes.


VHS cassette adaptors are only designed to play VHS-C recorded tapes. Check to make sure your camcorder tapes are VHS-C, as opposed to mini DV or 8mm, before attempting to load them into the VHS cassette adaptor.

Things You'll Need

  • VHS cassette adaptor
  • VHS-C videocassette
  • VCR
  • AA battery
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