How to make a toy net for stuffed animals

Updated February 21, 2017

A toy net for stuffed animals can save space and give the stuffed animals a place to rest when not being played with. A toy net is similar to a hammock for toys. It is usually made of thin rope or string and attached in the corner between two walls. It is inexpensive to create and will likely take less than an hour to complete.

Measure out where the toy net will attach to the walls. A corner is best, connecting from one wall to another. Ideally the length should be between 1 and 2 yards. Screw in the screw-mount hooks into each side of the wall. Screw-mount hooks have a hook on one side and a screw on the other.

Cut two pieces of kite string that are 20 to 40 per cent longer than the length between the two hooks. These pieces of string will be the two ends of the net, running from hook to hook. Determine the depth the net should have. Cut a piece of string that is half of the length of the net. Lay the two pieces of string that will make up the length of the hammock on the floor parallel to each other and lay the width string across them to create an "H" shape.

Tie the width string to each length string using a normal knot or overhand knot. Cut two more pieces of string each an inch shorter than the first width string. Lay these two pieces of string next to the middle width string on the ground an inch apart on each side of it. Tie the two new shorter strings to the length strings. Continue to cut two new pieces of string each an inch shorter than the last two and fasten them an inch apart from the last width string to the length strings. Continue doing this until 6 or so inches remain on the length string.

Examine the strings. If tied correctly, the strings should resemble an oval with two strings running length and several strings of different size for width. Complete the length strings and finish the netting. Measure out two pieces of string and run them parallel to the first length strings that were cut. Bring them 1 inch into the netting to create a square. Attach the newly cut length strings to the last width string on one end of the net, tie a knot each time the length string crosses another width string, creating a square, once the string has reached the other side of the net (lengthwise) and the last width string on the other side, tie it off. Continue doing this at 1 inch intervals going down towards the centre of the net. The end result should resemble a checkerboard.

Tie the two length strings to both hooks in the walls using a normal knot to hang up the toy net. Fill with stuffed animals.

Things You'll Need

  • Roll of rope or kite string
  • Two screw-mount hooks
  • Scissors
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