How to Start a Modeling Career in Your 40s

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're interested in starting a modelling career and you're age 40 or over, then you have determined that you have the look and flair to compete in the fashion industry. Staring a career in modelling requires careful planning. According to fashion writer Mary Marino, "Youth is overrated." Marino also notes, that the standardised version of beauty no longer applies to the industry of fashion. So, if you're determined to enter modelling, regardless of your age, you can make your dreams a reality.

Choose your best style of hair and make-up. Depending on the length of your hair, choose a style that is most attractive and fits the contour of your face. For example, for longer necks, shoulder-length hair suits this body type. Choose good make-up colours. Play around with different shades and find the colours that complement your eye and lip colour.

Hire a modelling consultant. Search online or in your local advertisements and locate a modelling school. Call and inquire about attending a few sessions to learn modelling basics. Express your age to the agency and inform them that you will be starting a modelling career and you are age 40 or over. Some of the basic modelling elements you will need to focus on are walking the runway, posing for photographs and learning facial expressions. Schedule at least three sessions with the consultant.

Get headshots. Find a reputable photographer. Inform the photographer that you need professional modelling headshots. Shop around and locate a photographer who fits your budget and needs.

Put together a portfolio and composite card, as known as comp card. Models hand out comp cards to modelling agencies or interested parties. Include your height, weight, dress size, size of waist and bust size on the comp card. Your portfolio is designed to hold your best headshots.

Find an agency. Locate an agency that specialises in signing models at age 40 and over. Some agencies have started divisions dedicated to finding models age 40 and over. Submit your comp card and portfolio. Make sure to include your availability. Don't limit yourself to one phase of modelling. For example, express interest in commercial print magazine jobs, body shot requests and runway modelling jobs. Let the agency know if you're able to travel.

Create a website and place your headshots on the site, including your contact information. Make the website user-friendly and include three pages. These three pages are your home page, portfolio and contact page. Send out an e-mail to the contacts in your directory. Steer those contacts to your website.

Register with online modelling communities. One way to boost your career is to network with other professionals your age. Choose communities that promote or have member models who are age 40 and over. Most times, these communities post model searches and are a resource for information. Post a profile, pointing members and the public to your website.


Make sure contact information on the comp card, website and online are accurate.

Things You'll Need

  • Personal computer
  • Internet access
  • Portfolio
  • Composite cards
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