How to delete AVG history

Updated March 23, 2017

If you use the AVG virus scanner and want to delete the history from AVG, it takes little time to do so. To remove the AVG history completely, you must clear the history of three AVG components: scan results, the event log and the Virus Vault.

Open AVG and click "History" from the top menu.

Click "Scan results" when the History menu opens. The AVG scan history will open. You can view the dates and results of scans here.

Select the history you want to delete. To delete more than one entry, press the "Control" button while clicking the history entries.

Click "Delete results" after you select the AVG history you want to delete. A window will open asking if you are sure you want to delete the history; click "Yes."

Open "History" again from the top menu to delete the second AVG history component. Select "Event History Log" from the drop-down menu. The Event History Log shows when updates and scans occurred.

Click "Empty list" when the Event History Log opens. A window will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete this information; click "Yes."

Click "History" from the menu once more to finish deleting AVG history. Select "Virus Vault" when the History menu opens. The Virus Vault will open in a new window.

Click "Empty Vault" to erase the history of the Virus Vault. You can also delete a single Virus Vault entry at a time by clicking the entry and then clicking "Delete." A window will pop up asking you to confirm deleting the Virus Vault; click "Yes."

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