How to Repair a Canvas Bag

Updated February 21, 2017

Canvas bags are often used as purses, overnight bags and eco-friendly reusable shopping bags. They are popular due to their strength and ability to hold a lot of weight. But, over time, the seams can weaken and the canvas can tear. There is no need to throw bags out if this happens. Canvas bags can be repaired with some basic sewing skills.

Turn your bag inside out and cut the loose threads on the seam.

Tie off the loose ends of the thread that are left.

Thread your needle with a thread that matches the colour of your bag.

Sew from one knotted end of thread to the other to replace the threading in the previously loose part of the seam. Sew in short tight stitches to increase the strength of your bag. Knot the ends of the stitches to hold your seam.

Turn your bag right-side out again and tug at the seam to ensure that it is strong.

Set a clothes iron to medium-high heat and allow it to warm up.

Select an iron-on patch that is large enough to cover your tear or hole and matches the colour as closely as possible.

Turn your bag inside out and use your scissors to trim away any frayed edges.

Smooth your iron over the torn edges or tear to flatten the area.

Place the iron-on patch over the hole or tear and iron over it to seal it in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Size 14 sewing needle
  • Matching thread
  • Clothes iron
  • Iron-on patch
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