How to Record a 120-Minute Album Onto a CD

Updated July 20, 2017

To record an album that runs two hours onto a CD, you will need to burn it as a data CD. This is because burning the CD as an audio CD will only allow it to hold about 80 minutes of music. Unfortunately, standard CD players cannot play data CDs. Computer CD players, however, can play the audio from data CDs.

Click the Finder, which is in the toolbar.

Click “File” and select “Create New Burn Folder” from the drop-down menu.

Give the burn folder a name and hit "Enter." Then double-click the burn folder to open it.

Drag the music files for the 120-minute album into the burn folder.

Click “Burn” and then insert a blank CD-R into your computer.

Insert a blank CD-R into your computer and select “Burn files to data disc” when your computer asks you what you’d like to do with the blank disc.

Give the disc a name and hit "Enter." Then click “Show formatting options.” From the options available, select “Mastered.”

Click “Next.” Then drag the music files for the 120-minute album into the empty disc folder that appears.

Click “Burn to disc.”

Things You'll Need

  • CD burner
  • CD-R
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