Basic Crochet Stitch Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

If you have always wanted to learn to crochet, success is only a few stitches away. Once you understand basic crochet stitch instructions you can use those stitches to create a variety of items, from scarves to sweaters. Use these stitches with any yarn and hook combination; simply check the label to see the recommended hook size for the yarn you have chosen. Soon you will be crocheting like a pro, and you will be able to use your newfound skills in a variety of ways.

Make a slip knot on your crochet hook so that you have a tail that is approximately four inches long. Hold the working yarn that is still attached to the skein in your left hand and hold the crochet hook in your right hand as if pointing a magic wand.

Bring the working yarn up and over the crochet hook from the back to the front. This is known as the "yarn over" process. Catch the yarn with the hook and pull it through the slip knot on the hook. Let the slip knot drop down off the hook and keep the new loop you have just made in place on the hook. One chain stitch has been completed.

Repeat step two in order to make ten more chain stitches. Each one will hang down off your hook as you work, leaving one working loop on the yarn at all times.

Hold your chain stitches out to the left of your crochet hook for a moment. Insert your hook into the chain that is the second one from the hook. Drop the rest of the chains and pick up the working yarn.

Yarn over and pull the yarn through the chain stitch surrounding your hook. Yarn over again and draw the loop of yarn through both loops on your hook at one time. One single crochet stitch has been made.

Continue to make single crochet stitches in every chain across, working from right to left. When you get to the end of the chain, make one chain stitch and turn your work so that the stitches you have just made are once again on the left side of your hook.

Insert your hook through the top two loops in the first single crochet, which is the one closest to your hook. Yarn over and pull the loop through the stitch, then yarn over and pull the yarn through both loops on your hook. Now you have made a single crochet in a single crochet stitch. Continue this across the row.

Repeat steps three and four to make a long strip of crocheted fabric. You can wear this as a scarf or unravel it and start over again for more practice.


Now that you have learnt the two most basic crochet stitches you can expand your knowledge and learn a few more stitches.

Things You'll Need

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarn
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