How to Install a Fuel Pump in a Ford Focus

Updated April 17, 2017

When planning on replacing the fuel pump in your Ford Focus, you need to think ahead. Working with the fuel system of a car is dangerous, so do not smoke or allow open flames anywhere near your or the vehicle while you are working. If the repair is needed immediately, you may have to siphon gas from your car's tank, but if you have time, plan to burn down the gas supply to less than one or two gallons. When the gas supply is lowered, move forward with the following steps.

Open the fuse box and remove the corresponding fuel pump fuse.

Start the vehicle and allow the engine to run until it stalls.

Try to restart the engine again for no less than five seconds to be certain the fuel has been expelled from the supply manifold. Though there will still be fuel in the engine, with the fuse removed, the fuel pump will not be feeding it into this section of the fuel line.

Disconnect the ground cable for the battery.

Raise the rear of the vehicle. You will be under the vehicle, so be certain to the vehicle is in park with the emergency brake on and is well stabilised.

Disconnect the evaporative emission pipe.

Remove the outlet pipe for fuel filter.

Disconnect and remove the inlet pipe for the fuel filter.

Remove the fuel filter bracket.

Disconnect the fuel filter.

Remove the fuel filter bolt.

Remove the fuel filter.

To install the new fuel filter, follow the instructions in reverse order, then replace the fuel pump fuse.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel pump
  • Adjustable size ratchet
  • Car jack
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