How to Make Black Diesel Fuel

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Black diesel fuel is not an easy find or an easy recipe to make. But if you can find the right recipe for your diesel engine, it could save you a ton of money--upward of 80 per cent on fuel costs. There are different kinds of black diesel, so here is the basic recipe for general black diesel fuel.

Filter the used motor oil through a 20-micro filter. This exact filter is not necessary since any filter will do for this first step in the process. Used motor oil contains some impurities you do not want flowing through your car engine. Wear thick work gloves to protect the skin on your hands. Also wear safety glasses. When oil gets hot, it can be extremely damaging and the fumes are somewhat strong.

Mix together one part used motor oil and one part diesel fuel. While there are many people who use vegetable oil, transmission oil and more, used motor oil is the most widely used ingredient in black diesel fuel. Also, some people have created a more involved process. Again, this is the simplest of all the processes available to the public.

Clean out the 20-micro filter you used during the first filtering step. Filter the mixture through the 20-micro filter.

Heat the oil in an oil furnace that has high pressure to at least 71.1 degrees Celsius. Heating the oil is not necessary, but allows the oil/diesel mix to flow easier.

Filter the mixture again into a 15-micro filter. Repeat the same process into a 10-micro filter and again through a 5-micro filter. The use of smaller filters is helpful in ensuring that impurities are removed and the black diesel will run smoothly in your vehicle, but they are not necessary. Most people recommend you run through at least two filters: 15- and 10-micro. Store your fuel in a gasoline container and keep at room temperature.

Use your black diesel fuel in a car that is made for it. You may need to idle your car to warm up the fuel before running the car all over town. Not all diesel engines will take black diesel fuel. Check your owner's manual and get professional advice as to what kinds of fuel your car can take.

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