How to Adjust the Door Windows on a TR6

Updated July 19, 2017

The Triumph TR6 was made from 1969 to 1976 and sold in high numbers in the North American market. Thanks to the availability of parts and larger number of cars made, this is a very popular model for restoring. Many TR6 owners work on their cars themselves, since these are relatively easy cars to work on. Occasionally the TR6’s door windows may need to be adjusted, particularly if they have been removed for some reason.

Remove the door handle and window crank. These are held on with small pins on their shafts that are pressed out. Slide a long thin screwdriver behind the handles and through the hole to press out the pin. Do not lose the pin when it slides out of the hole in the shaft. Pull the handles straight off of the shafts. Remove the door panel by pulling it straight away from the door, starting at the front, bottom corner. The panels are held on with clips that slide into holes in the doors.

Slide the window crank back onto the shaft and raise the window half way. Remove the window crank from the shaft. Remove the three bolts and washers that hold the door glass regulator to the door. The bolts are located approximately in the centre of the door. Remove the four bolts that hold the window crank mechanism to the door. These are located where the window winder shaft comes out of the forward part of the door.

Support the door glass and then slide the window regulator so that the studs are released from the channel that lifts the door window glass. Slide the window back or forward until it is in the proper position. Position the studs back on the window regulator. Install the bolts that hold the window regulator to the door. Install the bolts that hold the window mechanism to the door. Roll the window up and down to check that it is in the proper position. Loosen the bolts and readjust as needed until the window is in the correct orientation.

Tighten all of the bolts. Reinstall the door panel by pressing it the clips firmly into the holes in the door until they all click into place. Reinstall the door handle and window crank by inserting the small pins that hold them on through the holes in the handles and the holes in the shafts.

Things You'll Need

  • Long, thin screwdriver
  • Socket set and ratchet
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