Decorating a class time table

The class timetable, offering basic information to keep everyone on track, often hangs in a place of prominence. Add some flair to this utilitarian feature with decorations suited to the age group and interests of the students. A frame creates a way to decorate a class timetable. This craft activity also works as a group project for students, with an adult doing the cutting.

Trace the class timetable onto the cardboard in pencil. Line up a ruler 1/4-inch closer to the centre of the cardboard than each pencil line to create a frame to hold the class schedule. Make the frame opening smaller if there's a lot of white space around the printed information on the class schedule.

Cut along the inside lines to create the class schedule's frame opening.

Highlight each part of the class timetable in a different colour highlighting pen. For example, highlight Social Studies in green, English in blue, Math in yellow and Science in orange.

Turn the cardboard frame face down. Center the class timetable face down over the frame opening. Tape the class schedule in place.

Decorate the frame and class schedule with stickers--planet and star stickers, animal stickers, movie characters or anything else the students relate to. Pull the stickers off the backing and press them down along the frame.


If there isn't a surface you can use a knife on, use a heavyweight piece of scrape cardboard or a cutting board under the cardboard for the frame. A box cutter or utility knife work more efficiently than scissors for cutting thick cardboard. Protect the class schedule by using a plastic report cover over the frame opening. Tape the plastic in place on the back of the frame and then put the schedule on top of it. Create a different frame for each season and reuse them. For example, use a snowflake frame for winter, a flower or produce frame for spring, a falling leaf frame for autumn and a beach scene frame for summer. Glue kids' creations to the timetable frame.


Keep fingers out of the path of the knife. Keep utility knives out of reach of children.

Things You'll Need

  • Coloured poster board or reusable cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Utility knife or scissors
  • Highlighting pens in various colours
  • Coloured pens
  • Stickers or paper cutouts
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