How to Sell Crockery

Updated November 21, 2016

Crockery is typically a term used to refer to plates, bowls, cups and other dishes that are made from clay or other natural materials. Crockery is made by dinnerware companies as well as smaller pottery studios and individuals. Crockery can usually be found in many department stores, general retail stores and smaller boutique shops. There are a few ways for individuals to sell crockery.

Find local crockery clubs and classes, as many of these organisations hold sales where individuals can sell items that they have made. These listings can be found online as well as in local publications.

Look in local neighbourhood newspapers and publications for upcoming pottery and ceramic sales, and contact the organiser to see if you may join the sale. If not, ask if they can refer you to local ceramic sales that are accepting vendors.

Place a classified ad in local publications in the “For Sale” section. Be specific about the type of ceramics you are selling and include photographs if possible.

Post an ad online, such as on, which offers listings by city. Post an ad in “Arts & Crafts” and include detailed information about the ceramics and the price as well as detailed photographs. When speaking with potential buyers, never give out your personal contact or financial information beyond what is necessary. Always meet buyers in a public place, and bring someone with you for safety.

Sell the ceramics on websites such as or, which offer auction-type sales as well as “buy it now”-type sales. When creating your listing, be as detailed as possible, and consider offering a refund or satisfaction guarantee for buyers. Be sure to calculate a shipping cost that will cover the cost of packaging the ceramics properly to avoid breaking during shipping.

Consider selling on other websites that are meant for artisans to sell their crafts, such as and

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