How to Remove a Dell Desktop Computer Cover

Updated July 20, 2017

There are various Dell desktop computers with removable covers, and different lines of desktop computers often have different removal methods. However, the overall strategy for removing the cover from your Dell desktop computer remains the same, regardless of what type of desktop computer you have. Opening the computer cover of your Dell desktop machine is the first step in any repair, replacement or upgrade on the internal parts of the computer.

Power off your desktop computer and unplug all cables, including the power cable, monitor cable, keyboard, mouse and any other attached devices.

Lay the computer down on its side.

Look at the back of the computer. If you see an oval or round button on both the top and bottom of the back of the computer, depress these buttons and pull on the side of the computer to open the case. If you see two screws near the top and bottom of the back of the computer, remove the screws and slide the side of the case off of the computer.

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