How to Rejuvenate and Clean a Feather Pillow

Updated February 21, 2017

If your feather pillow has become lumpy or flat, or is looking and smelling dingy, you don't need to buy a replacement. You can clean the pillow and re-fluff it with just a few common household supplies. Just make sure your pillow is in good condition before you place it in the washer and dryer. Inspect the pillow for tears and mend it as needed.

Remove the pillowcase from the pillow and set aside.

Load the feather pillow into the washing machine, and balance the unit with another pillow on the opposite side of the drum.

Add just a little bit of detergent to the machine, and run it under the delicate wash cycle. Set the machine for an additional rinse cycle.

Place both pillows in the dryer on the delicate or low heat cycle, along with several clean tennis balls and a dry towel. The towel helps to remove moisture from the damp pillows, and the tumbling tennis balls in the dryer help to re-fluff the pillows. Check on the pillows during the drying process and fluff them by hand to break down any stubborn clumps. Run the dryer until the pillows are completely dry.


Set your pillows on a clean towel outside in the sunlight for 1 to 2 hours if you notice a musty smell. This is likely caused from mould developing in pillows that are not thoroughly dry.


Don't use tennis balls right from the can. Instead, use balls that have been washed in the machine at least once. Balls straight from the can may leach an odour in the pillows, and dirty tennis balls from outside will bring in dirt and debris into the dryer.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing machine
  • Another pillow
  • Washing powder
  • Clean tennis balls
  • Dry towel
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