How to Care for Tweed Clothing

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Tweed fabrics are coming back into style in many forms, from pants and jackets, to hats and dresses. The woolen fabric does require a little extra care. You typically cannot just wash and dry a good piece of tweed clothing. However, many newer tweed fabrics are combinations of materials, which may allow for more machine care than tweeds of the past.

Read the labels, not only for the care instructions, but also for the fabric content. If you are going to take any shortcuts in cleaning your tweed clothes, you'll need to know what you are dealing with. Many tweeds today are a mix of wool and polyester and can withstand some bit of washing. Some tweeds out there now have no wool in them and can be washed a dried in machines.

Dry your wool tweed clothing by laying it flat on a towel or other drying surface. The weight of the wool when wet can pull the garment out of shape. If you must use a dryer, use the lightest setting for the shortest amount of time to avoid shrinkage.

Keep your tweed clothing in good condition. Hang tweed jackets on thick or padded hangars. Fold pants and other tweed clothing and store flat.

Use a reputable dry cleaner for your finer tweed clothing. Using improper dry cleaning chemicals can very easily shrink this pure wool fabric. This is not the time to use the discount dry cleaning store.

Store your wool tweed in a cool, dry place where it cannot be eaten by moths. Warp in plastic or store in a cedar chest for the best long-term care.

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