How to Revive a Down Duvet

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Down duvets are thick, fluffy and warm, which makes them perfect for snuggling under during the winter months. When the weather is warm, you may not use your duvet and may even put it in storage, once the cold weather hits and you take it out of storage, it may look a little flat.

Restore your duvet back to its fluffy state with some simple steps.

Unfold and shake the duvet to release wrinkles.

Put the duvet in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls. This should revive the down in the duvet, restoring its former appearance. Don't put the dryer on too hot of a temperature. Use medium heat or even a cool setting to fluff the comforter. If you're using a heat setting, be sure to check the duvet every half hour to make sure the duvet is not getting too hot.

Place the duvet outside in the sun if it has a musty smell. It can be laid on a sheet on the ground or patio, or hung over a clothesline for a day. The sunshine and fresh air will remove dusty or musty smells the duvet accumulated while in storage.