How to iron-on letters & numbers

Updated April 17, 2017

Iron-on transfers are a cheap and efficient way to create team uniforms or practice jerseys. They can also be used to customise your own T-shirts to show support to your favourite sports team or organisations or even use for company outings. Printing your custom letters and numbers on iron-on transfer paper will allow you to apply them to your shirt or jersey using a combination of heat and pressure.

Go to your local print shop and ask them to print your letters and numbers on iron-on transfer paper. You may create your own letters and numbers using Adobe Photoshop and a computer, or you may choose from a variety of premade templates provided by your local print shop.

Cut out the letters and numbers from the paper leaving a quarter-inch border around the edge of the image.

Locate the area of the jersey where you wish to apply the iron-on numbers and letters.

Heat up the iron to the hottest setting without using steam. Lay the iron-on transfer paper face down on your jersey or shirt.

Apply the iron-on transfer to the jersey or shirt by using an iron to apply pressure and heat to the outside edge of the paper and working your way to the centre.

Slowly remove the backing of the iron-on transfer paper. Use your fingers to lightly peel off the backing and separate the transfer from the paper.


Allow the transfer paper to cool off before removing the backing from the transfers.

Things You'll Need

  • Shirt or jersey
  • Iron-on transfer paper
  • Iron
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