Alligator Head Projects for Preschoolers

Written by amber decourcy
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Alligator Head Projects for Preschoolers
Alligators live in wetlands in the United States and China. ( Images)

The fearsome alligator, with razor sharp teeth and tough leathery hide, incites fear in many individuals both young and old. Despite an alligator's alarming appearance, preschoolers can create some witty reptilian crafts. By using just the alligator's scaly head, your preschooler can make some whimsical and entertaining gator projects.

Alligator Hat

Turn your little creeper into an alligator for Halloween, or just for fun, by helping him make an alligator hat. By taking a green plastic visor, like those classic casino dealers wear, some wiggly eyes and white foam, you can craft a simple yet effective gator hat. First, glue two large wiggly eyes close together at the top of the visor. Then, measure the length of the visor brim, and cut a strip of white foam to that length and four inches wide. Trace teeth shapes onto the white foam strip, leaving at least one inch of width on the top of the foam strip. Glue the teeth to the visor brim so the teeth hang down, and your little reptilian can now strut his alligator stuff.

Heart-y Gator

Although alligators appear ferocious, an alligator mother will defend and protect her young for up to a year. By using a three to four inch heart shape, you and your preschooler can craft a charming mother alligator together. First, take a wooden heart shape from the local craft store, and paint it green. Next, glue two wiggly eyes onto the top rounded curves of the heart, one on each side. Take some white felt, and cut out two, 2 inch strips of felt with teeth shapes, about an inch wide. Glue the strips of teeth onto both sides of the bottom point of the heart so the teeth hang down. Lastly, glue a magnetic strip to the back of the wooden heart, and stick the alligator head magnet on the fridge.

Hungry Alligator

Alligators are opportunistic eaters, and your preschooler can make herself a whimsical gator head to consume her crayons, coloured pencils and markers when not in use. First cut two new kitchen scrub pads into long shapes that make the head; do not glue together, however. Cut out two matching pieces of red felt, and glue inside the scrub pads to make the alligator's mouth. Next, cut out some teeth from white felt, and glue to the top and bottom of the alligator's mouth. Stack the scrub pads on top of each other, and glue the back edges, and halfway up the sides of the mouth. Leave a pocket for writing and drawing utensils. Glue two wiggly eyes onto two green pom-poms, and glue on top of the alligator's head. Then, glue two black pom-pom nostrils and some green rickrack ridges between the eyes and nostrils to complete the hungry alligator pencil holder.

Gator Puppet

Puppets are an imaginative and entertaining way to educate children. By making an alligator puppet, your preschooler can learn about the often misunderstood reptiles, and play while doing so. First, take a brown paper lunch bag, and paint the entire bag green. Once dried, glue two large wiggly eyes close together on the top of the folded bottom. Next, glue two small black pom-poms close together at the bottom of the folded flap for the nose. Cut out some white triangular pieces of paper for teeth, and glue to the edge of the folded bottom. Beneath the flap, glue a red semicircle piece of construction paper for the mouth. Lastly, decorate with painted scales as desired, and then your preschooler's new alligator puppet pal can come to life once fully dried.

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