Tips on Shrinking Earholes

Written by chelsea oliver
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Stretching your ear lobes, which is often incorrectly called "gauging," is a long process that involves very small piercings, such as 18 gauge, being stretched to large sizes, such as 0 gauge or 1/2 inch. However, those with stretched ear lobe piercings may regret their choice when beginning a new career or desiring a change in physical appearance. Taking out your jewellery is the first step in shrinking your stretched ear holes.

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Just as it was important during the process of stretching your ear lobes, maintaining proper cleanliness is a must while shrinking them. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap before handling your jewellery when you remove or insert it and your ear lobes once they are bare. Many individuals find it easy to incorporate cleaning their ear holes with antibacterial soap into their shower routine after they remove the jewellery.

Jewellery Removal

Removing your large-gauge jewellery from your ears is the first step towards shrinking the resulting holes. Showering before removing your jewellery is recommended, as listed on the Infinite Body website, as it helps to soften and expand the tissue, making it easier to slide the jewellery out. Infinite Body also states that most stretched ear holes begin shrinking immediately after the jewellery is removed.


Be patient. Your stretched ear holes will not shrink overnight once you have removed your large-gauge jewellery. Shrinking takes time, and it is often recommended to leave all jewellery out of your ears for several months to allow them to close up as much as possible. Many piercers recommend massaging the ear lobes regularly with vitamin E, which, according to the One Tribe website, helps to reduce scar tissue and thicken the ear lobes.


It is important to consider the size of your stretched ears when you are looking to shrink them. One Tribe says that 2 gauge is generally considered the size that most ear lobes will not return from. If you have stretched your ears to a size above 2 gauge, such as 0 or 00 gauge, it is necessary to realise that your ears may never shrink completely.

Plastic Surgery

Consult a plastic surgeon if your stretched ear holes will not shrink completely following the removal of the jewellery. Many plastic surgeons are willing to perform procedures to reconstruct stretched ear holes which. This generally requires only local anaesthesia.

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