Passport crafts

Passports may seem like one of those paperwork life realities, but they can be the basis for several crafts for kids. Whether your kids are studying cultures or world history at school, planning for a family holiday to another country or going on imaginary adventures with their favourite doll, there is a craft to help them have even more fun.

Play passport

If you're planning a trip abroad, or just teaching your children about faraway places, a play passport is a project that will help them keep track of where their imagination takes them. Author Donna Ward has a printable U.S. Passport template on her website. Print out the pages and have your child fill them in with information about the different countries they plan to visit someday. They can include information about the language spoken in the country, traditional foods, sports teams and other information.

Doll passport

While your child is making herself a play passport, she can whip up another for her favourite doll or teddy bear. Take a picture of her toy or have her draw a picture and stamp the doll's passport along with the child's. Your child can draw a picture of her doll at landmarks for the countries she visits, or if you're taking a real trip, snap shots of dolly in front of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty to paste into her passport.

Activity passport

Passports don't have to only be about travel. Make a passport-type booklet and fill each page with an activity for your child to perform during a school break, summer holiday or for a road trip. You could also include sites for him to keep an eye out for, such as three red cars in a row, a bird's nest or a person doing a swan dive at the pool. The passport should have enough activities and be complicated enough to last through the break or for the whole road trip. Another idea is to have prizes to give out when he reaches certain spots in his activity passports. Buy a rubber stamp to mark the passport when an activity is accomplished or a sight has been seen.

Tasting passport

A tasting passport is a good activity for a child who is a picky eater. Make a fake passport, only instead of countries, stamp it for new foods tasted. Have the child draw a picture of each new food and describe how it was prepared, how it tasted and whether she would eat it again. This craft can be integrated into a social studies lesson by making a page for each country you are studying and listing the foods from that country you will be trying.

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