How to Make a Wishing Well Using a Laundry Basket

Many brides and mothers-to-be would appreciate nothing more than the gift of money. Encourage guests at a shower or special event to help make the honoree's wishes come true with an attractive, decorative wishing well to serve as a tasteful receptacle for any cash gifts. You can construct a wishing well from a plastic laundry basket in the matter of an afternoon with materials that are readily available at most craft stores.

Cut pieces of brightly coloured fabric into squares that are 10 inches long and 10 inches wide. Glue the edges to ensure they do not unravel.

Roll the fabric squares in a jelly-roll fashion, and attach them to the basket vertically. Place one roll at the bottom of the basket; wrap the wired ribbon around it, using the slats of the basket, and tie in place, with the knot facing the inside of the basket. Continue around the basket until you finish the first row. Do another row on top of the bottom row in order to cover the basket.

Cut a piece of fabric that is long and wide enough to cover the top rim of the basket. Glue the fabric to the rim.

Cut a wacky noodle, the long children's flotation device, into two 3-foot sections with a utility knife. Stand the noodles on either side of the inside of the basket, and secure them in place with a piece of wire that is twisted around the noodle and the slats of the basket.

Cut out one side of a medium sized cardboard box with a utility knife. Paint both sides of the box piece white. Allow it to dry.

Push a wooden dowel rod through one of the wacky noodles toward the top and then through the other. This will hold your bucket.

Glue the end of a piece of 10-inch long, thin ribbon to the inside of a brightly coloured plastic cup. Hang the cup from the dowel by looping the centre of the ribbon around the dowel leaving enough to glue the ribbon to the opposite side of the inside of the cup. The end result should resemble the bucket of an old-fashioned wishing well.

Bend the painted cardboard in half horizontally. Secure it to the top ends of the wacky noodle with glue.

Shove a baby bottle cleaner into one of the wacky noodles on the outside of the well, next to the dowel. This will act as a make believe handle to the wishing well.

Line the inside of the basket with pieces of tissue paper. Attach the paper to the slats with glue. Overlap the paper to ensure that no plastic shows through. The paper should also cover the wacky noodles.

Place several slips of paper and a pen on a table in front of the well. Instruct the guests to write down their wishes for the bride or the mother-to-be on the paper. Instruct them to also leave any cards they may have in the well.


Roll newborn diapers in place of the fabric squares if the event is a baby shower.

Things You'll Need

  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Wired ribbon
  • Round plastic laundry basket, with open-weave design
  • Glue
  • Wacky noodle
  • Utility knife
  • Wire
  • Cardboard box
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wooden dowel rod
  • Thin ribbon, 10 inches long
  • Plastic cup
  • Baby bottle cleaner
  • Tissue paper
  • Table
  • White paper
  • Pens
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