How to Make a Purse Out of an NFL Jersey

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are a female football fan, you may want to show your interest or loyalty to your team without having to wear a jersey or team hat every day. Make your favourite football jersey into a purse so you can carry it daily with your normal clothing or just bring it to the games in support of your team. You can make a drawstring closure jersey purse with your favourite jersey and some sewing supplies.

Turn your jersey inside out and cut the sleeves off with scissors, right at the seams.

Sew the sleeve-holes closed with a needle and thread. Sew short stitches to make the seam as strong as possible.

Cut the waist of the jersey to shorten it to about 2 inches longer than you want your purse to be.

Fold the cut edge of the waist upward an inch and then upward another inch. Sew the waist closed with needle and thread down the middle of the fold. Sew short stitches to strengthen the bottom of the purse.

Turn your jersey right-side out again by pushing the bottom up through the neck opening.

Cut two 1/2-inch vertical slits 1/2 inch apart at the front of the neck hem.

Knot each end of a 3-foot cotton rope.

Wrap the end of a 12-inch piece of wire stock around one of the knots on your rope and insert the other end of the wire into one of the slits in the neck hem of the jersey. Push it all the way through around the neck hole so it comes out of the other slit.

Pull the rope through the two slits so the ends that stick out are even in length, and remove the wire stock. These are your drawstrings.

Loosen the drawstrings to open your purse and pull on both of them to close it. Keep your things inside by using the neck hole as the opening. You can also use your drawstrings as a purse strap by tying the ends together.

Things You'll Need

  • Jersey
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • 1/4-inch-thick cotton rope
  • 12 inches of wire stock
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