How to write a catchy BBQ invitation

Updated February 21, 2017

Invitation phrasing is the teaser for your party and writing an appealing one might increase your attendance. There are many kinds of barbecue and barbecue parties so be specific in your wording to give a good mental picture to guests. Whether hosting a Texas-style beef barbecue or a variety of Midwest barbecue recipes, good phrasing will bring loads of hungry guests to your door. Give your invitation some personal flair by using the words that evoke images, give good information and encourage a spirit of laid-back fun.

Choose what type of party you will have. This could be a lunch, dinner or a picnic style event.

Pick a date for your event. Select a start and finish time for your event.

Decide whom you will invite. Create an invitation list. This will help you to see if your party is more of a family event or a just for friends. This can influence your wording.

Write down what the occasion is. This may also influence your party invitation phrasing.

Pick a location for your party. Double check the address and phone number if you are not familiar with it.

Pick a title for the front cover of your card. The title should reflect the spirit of your party. For example, if you plan to serve chicken and have purchased plates with a rooster motif, you could write, "Cock-A-Doodle-Barbecue." If you plan to focus on a large event you might write, "Wrangling Up Fun at the Jones Ranch." Your title should reflect your theme.

Give party details inside the card on the left side of the card. This should include information like the date, time, place and any special information like costume requests. Write your phone number or RSVP number neatly.

Give hints about the event's agenda on the right side of the page. This might sound something like, "Yeehaw! Come on down, pardner! We will be roping, wrangling and grilling some tasty barbecue." Alternately, you might tease guests with a festive phrase like, "Sing for your barbecue supper with a live karaoke barbecue party."

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