How to Clean the Print Heads on an MFC-5440CN Brother Printer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Brother MFC-5440CN uses ink jet technology to put text and images onto paper as it passes through the printer. Liquid ink in the print cartridges sprays out in tiny droplets through the printer’s print heads, which are made up of numerous tiny nozzles. Sometimes the nozzles become clogged partially or completely from dried ink, causing splotchy or faded prints. Brother outfitted the MFC-5440CN with a self-cleaning process designed to unclog the print heads’ nozzles.

Turn on the MFC-5440CN. Press the “Ink” button on the printer’s control panel.

Use the up and down arrow keys to select “Cleaning” on the printer’s display panel. Press the “Menu/Set” button.

Press the up and down arrow buttons until “All” comes up on the printer’s display screen. Press the “Menu/Set” button once more.

Wait as the printer cleans the print heads. Try printing a document to check the print quality.


If after five cleanings in a row your printer continues to have print-quality problems, take the printer to a repair shop.

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