How to make a realistic wolf costume

If you want a realistic-looking wolf costume, consider making your own costume instead of buying one. Many of the commercially produced wolf costumes look humorous or cute rather than sinister, scary or realistic. Making your own costume lets you pick the colour of the fur, the length of the tail and the size of your ears. In just a few hours, you can pull together a wolf costume that will generate compliments.

Twist two pipe cleaners together in the shape of a triangle to create an ear shape. Wrap the pipe cleaners in faux fur, leaving the ends hanging loose. Twist together two other pieces of pipe cleaner to create a second ear and wrap this in another piece of faux fur. The ends will disappear when pushed into the hood later.

Fold a larger piece of fake fur in half to shape a hood. You need a piece of fur large enough to cover your entire head. Drape the hood over your head and make note of the position where it overlaps your face. Cut a small circle over this area to expose your face.

Cut two slits in the top of the hood large enough to accommodate the ears. Place a piece of double-sided tape on either side of the slit, inside the hood. Insert one of the ears through the slit with the pointy end facing out. Secure in place by pushing the excess fabric down onto the double-sided tape.

Lay strips of double-sided tape on the shoes you plan to wear with the costume. Press pieces of faux fur directly onto the tops and sides of the shoes. Cut the ends of the faux fur, to fashion three "toes" or leave the ends uneven. Allow the ends to hang over your shoes.

Attach faux fur to work gloves with the double-sided tape. Trim the edges of the fur to fit over the fingers. Cover any clothing with more of the faux fur by laying the clothes directly on top of the fur and tracing around the edges. Cut around these outlines and attach the pieces of fur to your clothes with the double-sided tape or fabric glue.

Make a tail for your realistic wolf costume by twisting two pipe cleaners together, end to end. Repeat with two more pipe cleaners and then connect these two pieces at one end. Wrap the pipe cleaner frame with faux fur. Cut a small slit into the back of your shirt and push the tail through. Secure the tail to the inside of the shirt with two pieces of double-sided tape.


Choose faux fur that incorporates several colours or shades of the same colour for the most realistic look.

Things You'll Need

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Faux fur
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Fabric glue
  • Work gloves
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