DIY Swimming Pool Sand Filter

Updated July 20, 2017

Sand filters are a very low-maintenance and low-cost way to filter your pool's water. The only maintenance you must keep up with is backwashing the filter every two week or when the PSI is above 13 on the PSI gauge. Removing your old pool filter and installing the sand filter doesn't require any major tools.

Turn your pool's pump off and release the pressure by removing the cap from the intake located in front of the pump. Cut the pipes connected to the old filter at the intake and output points using the hacksaw. Drain the water from the old pump for about five minutes.

Pull the old filter off of the foundation. Place the sand-filter cylinder on the foundation so the output and input valves face the pump. If you have no foundation, place the 4x4 concrete slab three feet from the pump and put the sand-filter cylinder on the slab so the output and input valves face the pump.

Connect the PVC pipe to the output and the input valves so they lead to the pump and input pipe going into the ground. Seal the pipes using the adhesive. Connect a PVC pipe to the backwash output and seal it using the adhesive.

Connect the input pipe to the pipe that is leading into the ground and seal it using the adhesive. Connect the output pipe to the pipe coming out of the pump and seal it using the adhesive. Connect PVC pipes to the backwash pipe and lead the pipe away from the filter at least five feet.

Fill the sand filter with sand and screw the top onto the filter so that the PSI gauge east to see. Replace the cap to the intake and turn the pool pump on the pressurise the pump and fill the sand filter.


You will only need a 4x4 concrete slab if there is no foundation to place the sand filter on. The sand filter must be on a solid surface.

Things You'll Need

  • Hacksaw
  • 4x4 concrete slab
  • Sand-filter cylinder
  • PVC pipe
  • Adhesive
  • 20-grade filter sand, 159kg.
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