How to Hide Bathroom Plumbing

Contemporary bathroom design often hides the unlovely aspects of plumbing such as the pipes behind a pedestal sink and all the other water and drain pipes necessary for the bathroom's facilities. Many older homes lack this advantage. The bathroom plumbing hangs right out there, literally catching dust--as anyone who has ever cleaned a gooseneck pipe under a bathroom sink or exposed pipes behind a tub or toilet knows. Hiding bathroom plumbing requires materials that can be cleaned and won't interfere with necessary maintenance. Employ some inexpensive camouflage to hide the plumbing with decorative or whimsical materials.

Cut the tights down the middle to separate the two legs. Wrap the exposed plumbing with the leg, winding the material from the bottom to the top in a spiral. Wrap it firmly--create tension in the tights. Cut any excess material and tuck the end under the wrapping. If tucked firmly, the tights material will stay in place without tape.

Wrap a vine or stem of artificial flowers up the pipe. Overlap the stems. Wrap the wire of the next stem across the wire of the stem below. This helps hold the decoration together and creates the look of natural flowers.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for other exposed pipes. If needed, wind duct tape over the top of the tights material at the top of the pipe for extra holding power--before cutting the material. Wrap the rest of the material around the duct tape to conceal it and tuck the material under the wrapped part of the material on the back or underside of the pipe.


Refrain from using glue or excessive tape and don't tape over plumbing joints--the thick areas on a pipe that can be opened with a wrench. The idea is to hide the plumbing so that the materials remain convenient to remove for cleaning or for plumbing maintenance. Clean artificial greenery and silk flowers with a blow drier to remove dust. Hand-wash the tights when needed in cold water and mild soap. Allow to drip dry.


Do not place flammable materials near an area where smokers put lit cigarettes or near any possible source of flame such as a hot water heater--silk flowers are flammable. Avoid using safety pins or other exposed metal for hiding plumbing as the moisture in the bathroom may cause them to rust.

Things You'll Need

  • Green tights or other coloured tights
  • Duct tape
  • Artificial flowering vines or ivy or silk flowers of your choice such as roses or sunflowers
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