How to Hide a Propane Tank in My Yard

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Propane tanks, necessary evils if any portion of the home runs on gas, are unsightly additions in the landscape. Your eye is drawn to the tank instead of other more attractive aspects of the yard. Homeowners have a variety of options in hiding the tank.

Purchasing an underground tank and having the gas company install it is one. There will only be a dome sticking 2 to 3 inches out of the ground. Otherwise, a little creative landscaping will hide the tank and create a specimen area.

Measure the outside area around the propane tank. Allow a space of 5 feet between the tank and the landscaping. This gives you an idea of how many plants or fencing you need to cover the area and allow space for maintenance.

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Install an arbor or trellis around the propane tank and grow plants that vine. Consider using evergreen, flowering plants such as allamanda, jasmine, bougainvillea or trumpet vine. The plants have a dense, quick growth habit and will hide the tank in a relatively short span of time.

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Plant a hedge of evergreen shrubs around the tank that will grow tall enough to hide it. Consider using dense and quick-growing plants such as hibiscus, ligustrum (privet), areca palm or arbor vitae. Space the plants considering their mature spreads.

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Install a small wooden fence around the propane tank and paint it to complement the house and landscape. Home improvement stores carry preconstructed fence sections that only require installing in the ground. Leave the fence bare or install small plants just outside the fence to further accent the area.

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Situate various sized and shaped containers and plants around the tank, creating a container garden area. Use containers that bend into the area and add extra appeal. Utilise plants of various heights, growth habits and colours and with different shapes and foliage textures.