How to Price Match at Staples

Written by jamie lisse | 13/05/2017

If you prefer to do your shopping at Staples but find an item that you want to buy at a lower price elsewhere, you can get that price matched. While Staples will not match the prices of items that you find at a lower price on the Internet, they will price match any lower prices you find at other stores. With a Staples price match, you can still purchase the item at Staples but pay the lower price that the other store is offering on the item.

Locate an identical item at another retailer with a lower price than that same item at Staples. It must have the same model number, the same components and the same U.S. warranty. Make sure that the item is in stock at the store.

Get a sales ad from that retailer if it has the item listed in it. Sales ads are usually available at the entrance of stores. If the item is not in the ad, get a phone number for the store.

Take the sales ad or phone number to Staples. When you arrive at the checkout counter, present the item for purchase along with the price match ad or phone number. The store manager will review the ad or call the store to inquire about the price.

Things you need

  • Sales ad

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