How to Restore My Hair Color After Coloring

After years, months or even days with a new hair colour, it's not uncommon to want to return to your natural hair colour. Restoring hair colour after colouring can be time consuming, but it's possible. By paying close attention to the health and care of your hair, you'll be able to restore your hair to its original colour without damaging the quality of your hair.

Contact a local hair salon and schedule an appointment for a haircut and a hair regrowth treatment. If your hair is noticeably dry or brittle, ask for a conditioning treatment as well. A professional haircut (removing at least two inches) that removes split ends and damaged hair, combined with a conditioning/regrowth treatment, will stimulate your roots. While you're at the salon, explain to your hairdresser that you're trying to restore your hair colour after you've coloured it without damaging your hair. Find out how often you could, or should, receive hair regrowth treatments and conditioning treatments.

Establish a routine with your hair salon, scheduling trims and hair treatments as often as recommended. Having a weekly conditioning treatment and trim will speed the growth of your roots, which are your natural hair colour. The treatments will also improve the overall health of your hair, which will allow you to restore your hair colour without risking serious damage to your hair.

After three weeks of consistent treatment at the salon, determine how much your hair has grown. With proper care, it's possible to see 2 to 4 inches of new growth in three weeks (maybe even slightly more). Once you've determined how much new growth you have, decide whether or not you want to cut the coloured hair and regrow your hair naturally or dye your coloured hair to a shade that will match your roots.

Discuss both options with your stylist. If you're comfortable with having short hair and your hair is growing quickly, cutting your hair would be the most hair-healthy option. For those with little hair growth after treatments, professional hair colour to aid the restoration process would be the best option.

Schedule your appointment for your haircut or colouring. If you're cutting your hair, look at hair design books and magazines to help find a short hairstyle that will suit you while your hair is growing back. If you're colouring your hair, make sure that your stylist is using a glaze or temporary hair colour that matches your natural hair colour (your roots) and that won't damage your hair.

Continue to go to the salon for hair regrowth treatments, trims and professional care. If the costs of visiting the salon weekly start to get overwhelming, discuss home treatment options with your stylist. It's still best to visit a professional stylist at least once a month to maintain hair health and stimulate the regrowth of your natural colour, but in most cases, it's safe to do your own weekly treatments using products your stylist has recommended.


Do not attempt to strip hair colour from you hair using harsh shampoos.

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