Making Invitations on a Mac Computer

Written by k.c. winslow | 13/05/2017
Making Invitations on a Mac Computer
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

An invitation is often the first way guests learn of an event. Effectively used, invitations can set the tone for the gathering, whether it's formal or casual. Mac users have options for creating custom invitations with software that performs a variety of other tasks, or with software made specifically for creating printable items like invitations and cards.

Use Pages, a part of Apple's iWork suite, to create custom invitations on your Mac computer. Pages includes two invitation templates, as well as other card templates that you can adapt for use as invitations. You can download more invitation templates for Pages online (see Resources).

Create a photo-based invitation using iPhoto, a part of Apple's iLife suite. It's bundled with new Mac computers. iPhoto includes over 30 invitation templates, which can be accessed by pressing the “Card” icon at the bottom of the iPhoto library window in iPhoto '08 or by pressing the "Keepsakes" icon at the bottom of the iPhoto screen in iPhoto '09.

Use The Print Shop for Mac to make invitations. The Print Shop includes a range of project types, including greeting cards. Using its templates, you can create custom invitations with a wide range of design features.

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