How to Wash Jeans in the Washing Machine

A certain pair of jeans often tops a person's list of favourite garments, not only for their stellar appearance, but also due to the comfort factor. You can dress jeans up for a night out or dress them down to walk the dog, but, either way, jeans fit the varied lifestyles of many people. Keep your jeans looking and feeling good for as long as possible by washing them properly in the washing machine.

Check the pockets of your jeans and remove everything before washing. Turn your jeans inside out to help preserve the colour.

Place your jeans into the washing machine. Add other similarly coloured clothing of a similar weight to create a small to medium wash load in the washing machine.

Add an appropriate amount of gentle washing powder to the washing machine. Set the water temperature to cold, the wash cycle to gentle and start the machine.

Remove your jeans when the wash cycle finishes. Shake them out gently.

Place your jeans into the dryer and set the dryer temperature to low. Start the dryer and allow it to run until your jeans dry completely. Alternatively, hang them by the waistline inside out on a clothesline to air-dry them. Air-drying will reduce shrinkage and fabric fading over time.

Turn the jeans right side out when they are dry. Use a warm steam iron to remove wrinkles, if necessary.


Expect the indigo colour of jeans to fade over the life of your jeans with repeated washing. Some people limit the number of times they wash their jeans to preserve the colour.


Do not use chlorine bleach on jeans.

Things You'll Need

  • Gentle washing powder
  • Clothesline
  • Clothespins
  • Iron
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