How to create and print free greeting cards online

Updated March 23, 2017

Print free greeting cards online for any occasion as an inexpensive alternative to traditional greeting cards. Use pre-designed greeting cards for quick creation or show your personality by customising cards with your own photos and text messages. Use high-quality printing paper and a colour printer to print out high-quality greeting cards.

Choose a printable greeting card website such as American Greetings, Greetings Island or Got Free Cards. Look for sites that let you create "printable greeting cards" instead of "ecards", which are greeting cards delivered electronically by e-mail. If necessary, check through several greeting card sites to find a greeting card design that you like.

Select a greeting card category such as birthday, friendship, thank you or holiday. Select a greeting card subcategory. For example, under the "birthday" category, choices may include "children," "milestone" or "over the hill." Within this subcategory, you may be offered additional options such as "humor," "traditional" or "poetic." Browse subcategory listings until you find a greeting card you like. Select a greeting card on larger sites by using the search function to search for a card of your choice using keywords. For example, to find a birthday card for a 15-year-old boy, type "birthday 15 boy" into the search box and select a card from the results shown.

Add text to the greeting card cover by pressing the "Text" button. Select font type, size and colour. Move the text to a different location on the card by pressing on the text area and dragging with your mouse.

Add your own photos or images to the card cover by selecting the "Photo" or "Image" option. Browse through the files on your computer to find the image you want. Press "OK", "Open" or "Upload" button to display the image on the card. Use the arrow keys to move or change the size of the photo. On some sites, change location and size using the image toolbar.

Add clip art to the cover by selecting the "Clip Art" button. Browse images and select the one you want. Drag or click on image to display it on the card. Move or resize image as you did in Step 4.

Customise inside and back of the card by pressing the appropriate icons. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 to add text, photos and clip art.

Select between half-size and full-size card. Use a full-size card to create a card that is the size of a standard A4 paper folded in half. Use a half-size card to create a card the size of a paper folded into quarters.

Print out the first side of the greeting card using a colour printer. Reload the printer after the first side prints out. In top loading printers, after printing the first side, turn the paper around, put the paper back inside the feeder to print the second side. In bottom loading printers, put the paper back into the feeder without rotating it, in order to print the second side. Fold the paper into half so the cover and back of the cards show on the outside.

Some websites will print a half-side card all on one page. Fold the page into quarters with the printed side of the page showing outward.


Simple printable greeting card websites do not allow you to customise their cards with text or photos. Some sites require registration.

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