How to Open Full Size Web Pages With Internet Explorer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Internet Explorer Web browser, like other popular Web browsers, allows you to change the size of different windows, or pages, opened in that browser. You may wish to change the settings in Internet Explorer so that every window you open in the browser opens as a full-size page. The size settings in Internet Explorer can be altered without changing any of the program's internal settings. Ironically, the way that you open an Internet Explorer page can be changed simply by closing a page properly.

Restart the computer if you have already started using Internet Explorer.

Open an Internet Explorer browser.

Click the "Maximize" button found in the top right portion of Internet Explorer. The Internet Explorer window will expand to full size.

Hold "CTRL" on the keyboard. Click "File." Select "Exit."

Open a new Internet Explorer browser window. All windows, links and pages that you open in Internet Explorer will open as full-size pages.


The pages will only continue to open as full-size web pages in Internet Explorer until you click the "Maximize" button once more to restore the Internet Explorer window to its original size. If you close Internet Explorer when the window is not a full-size page, you will need to repeat the above listed process to once again open all Internet Explorer pages as full-size windows.

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