How to reverse the identification of a telephone number

Updated February 21, 2017

Caller ID is a feature which identifies a caller either directly on a telephone's display screen or on a separate, nearby caller ID box. The devices used to make and receive telephone calls, however, are very diverse. People with Internet connections utilise VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) services and instant-messaging calling services. Other devices people use re cell phones and walkie-talkie or "chirping" devices. These devices are powerful in that they can support voice conversations, but some may lack the ability to give full caller ID. With just a phone number, however, a caller is identifiable through alternative means.

Navigate to any "Reverse Number Lookup" webpage, such as Verizon's. The link is included in the Reference section below.

Type the telephone number is the section labelled, "Please enter the 10-digit phone number below." Click the red circle with a white arrow in the centre to initiate a search.

Scroll down the following webpage to the grey section labelled "Reverse Phone," which will again show the number that was referenced. Look below that for telephone number identification, as well as maps and address information, if available.

Get a dial tone on your phone and then dial the number "411" to reach Directory Assistance.

Say "reverse number search" to the interactive voice response (IVR) system when prompted for your city and state. Wait for a connection to a live operator.

Read off the telephone number to the operator and wait for additional queries or for the list of results.


If the operator cannot find any listing for the telephone number or it's unpublished, ask if you will still incur charges for the call.



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