My iPod Won't Turn On

Updated February 21, 2017

If your iPod refuses to turn on, you may find that you can resolve the problem on your own by attempting a variety of simple troubleshooting techniques. The problem may lie in the software, the battery or even the device configuration, so you will need to explore different options for restoring your device's functionality. If, after pursuing every possible option, you find that your iPod still refuses to turn on, you may need to visit an Apple Store or consult a technician for more advanced maintenance.

Verify that your "Hold" switch appears in the "Off" position. If you use a click-wheel iPod, you will see a switch at the very top of your device that, when switched to the right, will prevent your iPod from turning on. If the "Hold" switch is active, move the switch to the left in order to turn it off. Then try turning on your iPod.

Connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes. If the iPod shows up as a device in iTunes, you may just need to update your iPod software to prevent future glitches. Update your software by selecting the iPod icon in the left column of the iTunes window and clicking the "Check for Updates" button.

Charge your battery. A non-functioning iPod may indicate an empty battery. Charge it by plugging your iPod into your computer or into a power outlet. Let it charge for approximately three to four hours and try turning on the device.

Reset your iPod. If your iPod fails to turn on, it may be frozen. You can often remedy this problem by resetting the device. If you use a click-wheel iPod, click and hold the "Menu" button and the centre button at the same time. If you use an iPod Touch, simultaneously click and hold the "Home" button on the front of your device and the "Sleep/Wake" button at the top of your device. After about six seconds, your screen should light up with an image of the Apple logo.


If you successfully restore your iPod's functionality using one of the methods described above, Apple recommends that you immediately update your iPod software in order to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. Plug your iPod into your computer, open iTunes, select the "iPod' icon in the left column and click the "Check for Updates" button.

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