How do I fill out a driver log book?

Written by george lawrence j.d. | 13/05/2017
How do I fill out a driver log book?
Commercial truck drivers, such as semi-truck drivers, must fill out log books to prove they are not violating the Hours-of-Service regulations. (semi truck image by max blain from

Federal regulations govern the number of hours a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) driver can spend behind the wheel of a CMV. The purpose of these rules, comprised in the Hours-of-Service regulations (49 CFR Part 395) is to ensure that drivers receive enough rest in order to safely drive CMVs. In order to prove that a CMV company is following the regulations, many companies require CMV drivers to fill out driver log books.

Draw a dark line across the squares of the driver log book that you spent sleeping. The log book begins at midnight and ends at noon. If you were sleeping at midnight, and you slept until five in the morning, you would draw a line from midnight to the line directly below five.

Repeat this process, marking lines for times you spend off duty, driving, and on duty (but not driving). Connect each section with a vertical line.

Add the total time spent off duty, sleeping, driving, and being on duty (but not driving). Report each time at the right-hand side of the log book on each appropriate line. For example, if you spent eight hours driving, write "8" on the "Total Hours" line across from the "Driving" lines. Total each line at the bottom of the page.

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