British Airways Disciplinary Procedures

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British Airways is one of the countless international airlines that have stiffened security to ensure safer travel for millions of passengers annually. To guarantee a smooth flight, follow all rules and regulations upon entering an airport and aeroplane. Failure to do so can result in serious disciplinary actions.

Failure to Cooperate

Due to heightened terrorist attacks in the past decade, British Airways enforces strict rules when on board an aeroplane. Passengers are required to remain seated when seat belt lights are lit under the overhead compartments. An individual may be required to have a flight attendant or other British Airways employee search his bags if necessary. Failure to cooperate may result in the individual being escorted off the aircraft. The individual can also receive disciplinary action in the form of a verbal warning. Enhanced security measures also call for random screening while aboard a British Airways flight. A passenger may be asked to be pat down by a same-gender official.

Failure to Provide Documentation

When passengers initially check in at a British Airways terminal, they must provide a valid form of identification (state ID, military ID or passport) along with a confirmation number or plane ticket. If a passenger fails or refuses to provide this documentation, she will not be able to proceed to check in at the security checkpoint. Throwing tantrums with the agent will result in the passenger being removed from the airport. An air marshal may use physical restraint depending on the severity of the passenger's actions, or the passenger may be restricted from entering the airport for several years or a lifetime.

Belligerent Behavior

While on board a British Airways flight, passengers must maintain appropriate behaviour at all times. Yelling, fighting and threatening others are all actions that are subject to strict disciplinary action. Law enforcement may be called to handle situations out of a British Airways employee control. Unruly behaviour can also be reported on an individual's criminal record.


In handling disciplinary matters, travellers must know their rights. Travellers can read the passengers rights form.

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