How to Make My Yahoo Home Page

Updated February 21, 2017

Yahoo! features a My Yahoo! home page that allows users to customise their page based on their own location and settings. The idea is that a My Yahoo! home page will allow you to have easy access to many of the things you want to see while online, including RSS feeds, your e-mail inbox, local and national news headlines and local weather. Yahoo! makes the process involved with setting up a My Yahoo! home page simple, thanks to its automated set-up.

Visit the My Yahoo! website.

Click the "Yes, Please" button at the top of the page.

Enter your city and state or zip code into the "Location" box. Click the "Make this my default Yahoo! location" check box.

Click "Next." A list of items with check boxes next to them will appear.

Click on the check boxes of the items you want to receive content about on your My Yahoo! page. The boxes may already be checked. In that case, uncheck any of the boxes that do not interest you.

Click "Next." Then click "Done."

Click the "Add Content" button on the top left of your page.

Use the arrows to scroll through the list of icons, clicking on the applications you want to include on your My Yahoo! home page.

Click the "Change Appearance" link next to "Add Content."

Scroll through the list of available background colours and textures. Click the "Change Layout" link to set up a two-, three- or four-column page. Click on the appropriate layout icon.

Click "I'm Done" when you have finished.

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