How to write a field trip report

Updated March 23, 2017

A field trip report documents the findings of a student after participating in a field trip. The field trip should relate to specific material covered in class and the student should be able to demonstrate a firm understanding of the concepts and be able to recognise them. A good field trip report will utilise written words as well as photographs, charts and possibly samples from the field. The report should be appropriate for the grade-level and understanding.

Compile all of the photos, drawings or samples that you have collected from the field trip. The teacher may have requested that you find and record specific information in your field trip report, and this is a good time to make sure you have collected all of the necessary information.

Outline the main concepts that you saw demonstrated on your field trip. For example, if the field trip was focused on looking at the wildlife and insect populations in a specific area, you should state your findings about specific areas or species that you found and observations you made in the field.

Compose a thesis statement stating the purpose of the field trip and sharing the conclusions that you came to as a result of your research.

Write the paper according to your outline. Be sure to work in references to your field drawings and photographs and label any photographs or charts appropriately in your report.

Add in any charts and pictures to your document before you print it. The charts should be clearly labelled to help the teacher follow your conclusions. If you have specimens to turn in make sure they are correctly labelled as well.

Check for grammar and spelling mistakes. Have a friend or parent look over the paper as well to check for clarity.

Compile a bibliography if you reference any outside resources, including your textbook for class. Attach this to your report as well.


The depth of the information required for a field trip report depends on the level of work that you are doing. An elementary school student may only need to draw a few conclusions and have a few specimens while a high school student would have a much more in depth analysis. Be sure to follow the specific guidelines provided by your teacher.

Things You'll Need

  • Photos or samples from the field trip
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