How to become an ofsted registered nanny

Updated February 21, 2017

Ofsted is a non-governmental agency that registers nannies in England. They provide regulation and inspection of nanny services to improve the quality of childcare. This helps to maintain high standards for the child's social, emotional, educational and physical well-being. If you would like to provide childcare in England, under most circumstances, you are required to register with Ofsted. If you are unsure of whether you are required to register, contact Ofsted for clarification. Even if registration is not mandatory for you, an Ofsted registration may improve your employment chances by demonstrating that you are a competent caregiver.

Ensure that you are eligible to register with Ofsted. Ofsted requires nannies to have a current paediatric first-aid certificate. You also need proof of valid public liability insurance. Ofsted does not require nannies to have formal training; however, you do need to be capable of providing childcare. Your ability to properly care for a child will be assessed by an inspector later in the process.

Go to the Ofsted web site and download the appropriate form. You may select the form for the Childcare Register, the Early Years Register (childminder) or the Early Years Register (for either domestic or non-domestic environments). If you are unsure of which form is appropriate for you, contact Ofsted for guidance.

Complete all parts of the form and mail it to the address indicated. Wait for a letter from Ofsted, which will provide you with information on how to pay the appropriate application fee. The letter will also instruct you on how to obtain an Ofsted-conducted CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) disclosure and how to provide proof of your identity. According to Ofsted's Guide to Registration, if you have lived outside of England in the last five years, Ofsted also requires a list of those countries in which you've resided. Depending on which countries are involved, you may also need to provide proof of good conduct from the embassy or similar documentation. Follow all of the letter's instructions for your records.

Expect to receive notice from Ofsted of an interview conducted by one of their inspectors. In addition to the interview, Ofsted will visit the premises where childcare is to take place. According to Ofsted, the complete process for determining suitability for candidates typically takes between 12 and 25 weeks. However, if you require documentation from other countries, the process may take longer.

Begin providing childcare only after you receive your registration certificate, if your registration has been approved. This certificate must be displayed at the childcare location. It details how many children you are allowed to provide care for, whether you can provide overnight care and any other conditions of your services.

Expect regular inspections from Ofsted after you are registered. According to Ofsted, within the first seven months, an inspector will visit you to ensure that you continue to meet the proper childcare standards. Following this, expect visits at least once every three to four years (at minimum).

Things You'll Need

  • First-aid certificate
  • Insurance documents
  • Application
  • Fee
  • Records
  • Ofsted certificate
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