Homemade Medieval Chandelier

Updated February 21, 2017

The Middle Ages were a time of chivalry and adventure that lives on in books and movies: King Arthur's legend, Robin Hood and Ivanhoe to name a few. Robin Hood alone is so popular, that at least five adaptations have been done with more planned. If you are a fan of the Middle Ages, you can make a homemade medieval chandelier to grace any room. It will give the air of the Middle Ages--without your having to leave the present century.

Measure and cut the tie wire into lengths of 24 inches.

Take two of the wires and bend them into loops in the centre of each wire. Fit one of the loops around the neck of the baby food jar with the ends pointing toward the left. Fit the loop of the other wire over the neck of the jar with ends point toward the right. Pull the wires tightly against the neck of the jar.

Twist each pair of wires around each other so that the wires are securely around the jar.

Bend up one of the wires of each pair. Measure the wires and cut them at 8 inches.

Measure one of the other wires and cut it at 5 inches. Grasp the wire with the needle nose pliers, and form it into a decorative spiral pointing upward. Do the same with the other wire.

Grasp the end of one of the wires pointing upward and curl the end into a decorative spiral that is 1 inch across and pointing downward. Do the same with the other wire pointing upward. Repeat these steps with all of the baby food jars.

Cut the wire into a 20-inch length. Make a loop in the centre of the wire and fit it around the two top spirals on one of the baby food jars. Form the wire into an oval. Grasp the wires with the needle nose pliers and twist them together until you have a length that's 3 inches long. Make sure the oval still remains after you twist the wires together, with the ends of the wires extending up beyond the twist.

Bend the wires over at the top so the ends point toward each other and cross. Trim the ends. Repeat this step with all of the baby jars.

Drill three holes that are equally spaced on the barrel hoops. Thread nuts onto the eye bolts and thread the eye bolts into each hole. Put nuts on the other end of the bolts and tighten them against the inside of the hoop. Repeat this step for the other hoop.

Drill more holes into the hoops, spacing them 1/3 inch apart. Thread eye bolts into each hole.

Loop the bottom link of one chain over the end of one of the eye bolts secured with the nuts. Do the same with the other two chains. Hang the chains on the "S" hook and hang it on a hook. Insert the second hoop inside the chains and hang it at the height that suits you above the first hoop. Insert the bolts into the chain to secure the second hoop. When you are finished, the hoops will hang one above the other, secured by the chains.

Hook the baby jars on the eye bolts of both hoops, spacing them evenly.

Put tea candles into the jars.

Light the candles.


Make sure you do not hang the candles too close to the ceiling.

Things You'll Need

  • 40 yards of tie wire
  • Measuring tape
  • Wire cutters
  • 18 baby food jars
  • Needle nose pliers
  • 2 barrel hoops
  • Drill and drill bit
  • 18 tea candles
  • 6 black eye hook bolts
  • 12 nuts
  • 9 feet of chain
  • S hook
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