How to apply for Italian citizenship

Updated February 21, 2017

Becoming a citizen of Italy has many benefits, whether you choose to be a full citizen or to have a dual citizenship with Italy and another country. First and foremost, you'll become a part of the European Union when you receive your Italian citizenship; this will allow you to live and work in most countries in Europe without having to apply for visas. This will also give you an advantage when looking for work abroad because companies won't have to sponsor you. Becoming an Italian citizen is not difficult if you qualify, and there's no harm in trying to file the paperwork and prove that you deserve citizenship.

Fill out the form located in the references section below if you believe you qualify for citizenship based on your family members.

Collect birth certificates, dates of emigration from Italy and death certificates of any family members you're using to prove your citizenship claim. Collect all addresses from every family member you're using to claim citizenship for the last 18 years. You must include this information with the form.

Be sure that none of your family members have given up Italian citizenship. They or you will have to attest to it on your application. If your parents gave up citizenship before you were born, you do not qualify to become a citizen through them.

Have your living family members fill out forms for "Declaration of Living Italian Ascendant Born Outside Italy" if your parents or grandparents are Italian but were not born in Italy. Fill out the "Declaration of Deceased Ascendant" if your Italian family member is deceased.

Have all signatures on all forms notarised. If they are not, then a consular officer must be present at the signing.

Live in Italy for 10 years if you are a non-Italian citizen of a non-European Union country if you want to attain citizenship.

File for citizenship if you're married to a person with Italian citizenship. If you're living in Italy, you can apply after being married for six months. If you're living outside of Italy, you must be married for three years before applying. If applying from the U.S.A. obtain an FBI Clearance with a fingerprint record from the FBI to include in your application.

Submit your form and all supporting documents to an Italian consulate.

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