How to Run Multiple Accounts on Knight Online

Updated July 20, 2017

By running multiple accounts on Knight Online you can experience the game from the perspective of either of the two main factions, El Morad or Karus. You can also have two accounts up and running at the same time to form your own team.

Download the Stripper and Hview applications (see "Multiple Knight Online Accounts" in the Reference section for download links). Stripper is a software application for downloading entire websites to your computer. Hview is an application that lets you view and edit files up to 2GB in size from your desktop.

Start Stripper, then start knightonline.exe. Through the menu's "Options" tab, name the outgoing file and unpack it. If you receive an error message, rename the file and try again until it opens.

Once both programs are running, open Hview then open the new, decompressed knightonline.exe file. Click on "Edit," use the menu to locate the Knight Online client file, then hit "Search." Once you pull up the file, rename and save it. The client file is an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) file used to communicate information between the Knight Online Server and your computer.

Copy the Knight Online folder, then paste the edited version of the file into the new folder. Rename the edited file back to knightonline.exe, start the game twice and you are ready to go.


Make sure to scan both Stripper and Hview before downloading them to your computer to avoid any unwanted malware.

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