How to Replace the Battery on a Swiss Army Pocket Watch 24721

Updated November 21, 2016

The first Swiss Army knife was created in 1897 in Switzerland. Since that time, the Victorinox Swiss Army Company has been making knives, cutlery, travel gear, clothing and accessories, including pocket watches. The Swiss Army Pocket Watch 24721 is a waterproof, unisex pocket watch with a leather band. Replacing the battery in the pocket watch requires a few steps.

Remove the watch from the leather pouch.

Set the watch face down on a soft surface, such as a towel, to protect the watch face.

Look for a small notch in the case back. Insert the blade of a flat tool, such as a small standard eyeglass screwdriver, into the notch and gently pry the case back off.

Lift out the battery with your fingernail or the edge of the screwdriver blade.

Replace the battery. Set the case back on the watch and line up the notch on the case back with the notch on the side of the watch. Press the case back onto the watch until it snaps into place.

Return the watch to the leather pouch and wind the watch to set the time.


If you experience difficulties changing the battery, take the watch to a watch repair shop for assistance.

Things You'll Need

  • Small standard eyeglass screwdriver
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