How to Replace the Battery in a Baby-G Watch

Yellow waterproof watch image by Christopher Meder from

Casio G-Shock watches are designed to combine fashion with usability. Casio prides itself on creating a watch that can deal with the rigours of life, and the G-Shock regularly stands up to these challenges.

Although newer Casio G-Shock models are mainly kinetic or solar-powered, older models require occasional battery changes. This task requires some preparation, it is relatively simple and saves both time and money when compared to the services of a professional. With regular cleaning and battery replacement, your G-Shock will last a lifetime.

Remove the back cover of the watch using the small screwdriver. Use the metal tweezers to lightly pry the plate if needed. Set the backplate aside carefully, keeping the watch face down.

Remove the black plastic protective cover with the plastic tweezers. If a small spring is inserted in a hole of the cover, be careful to leave it in place.

Detach the battery clip holding the flat, round battery. There will be a small latch that will loosen the metal clip holding down the battery. If there is an issue determining the location of the latch, use the link in the references section to retrieve the full users manual for your watch model.

Replace the dead battery with your replacement battery using the plastic tweezers. After it is in place, lightly push the battery holder down until it clicks, indicating that they battery is secure.

Locate the etching of the letters "AC" near the battery. Use the metal tweezers to make contact between the letters and the back of the battery. Hold this for five seconds to reset the watch.

Remove the thin black plastic weather seal that rings the inner case. Place a small amount of lubricant on this gasket, return it to the case.

Replace the black plastic cover, then replace the back metal cover. Screw the backplate back to the watch, alternative corners and tightening to maintain weatherproofing.

Turn over the watch and check all functions, as well as reset the time.