How to Unblock a Cell Phone Number

Updated February 21, 2017

A cell phone number is blocked when the person doing the dialling does not want the recipient of the call to know who is calling prior to picking up the phone. When a cell phone number is blocked upon dialling, instead of listing the caller's phone number, the caller ID of the recipient reads "Restricted Call," "Blocked Call" or "Unavailable." When a cell phone number is unblocked, the caller ID of the recipient will indicate the phone number where the call is originating.

Press 82 on your phone, if you subscribe to your telephone provider's call blocking service. By pressing 82, you unblock the restrictions on your phone and allow your phone number to be listed on the cell phone that you are calling.

Dial the cell phone number you want to call unblocked.

Tap the "Send" button if you are calling the cell phone from a cell phone or wait for the person to answer if you are calling from a landline phone.

Check the address book on your cell phone to find out if you have the number saved as a blocked number. Press "Menu" on your phone, scroll down to Contacts, find the name of the person you are calling and press OK. Look to see if 67 is included before the person's number. If it is, press "Edit," move the cursor to just before the 67 and press the "Erase" button three times. The characters *67 are erased. Press "Save" and dial the number unblocked.

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