How to Make a Calendar for My Husband

Updated November 21, 2016

A custom-made calendar for your husband is both a functional and personal gift. Not only can he use it every day, it will be a sentimental reminder of special events throughout the year. Create a photo calendar for your husband by uploading digital pictures onto a calendar-maker website. Put some careful thought into your picture choices so that they coordinate with events of each month.

Search through your digital media and select pictures to feature on your husband's calendar. List each month of the year on a piece of paper and write down a couple of key events connected to each month. For instance, if your wedding anniversary is in April, write that down and search for a photo from your wedding for that month's page.

Select a calendar-making website. There are a plethora of sites that specialise in this. Choose sites geared specifically toward making calendars and photo books, or check out a drugstore site that either ships your calendar or lets you pick it up at a local store location.

Follow the instructions on the website for designing a calendar. This may require you to upload a software program. Choose a background colour for your calendar as well as a layout for each particular month. For instance, if you want to feature one picture for January, choose a layout that holds one picture. If you chose three pictures for February, select a layout that can display those three pictures. For February, choose a picture of you and your husband celebrating Valentine's Day or a photo of roses he gave you last year. Upload photos onto your calendar when prompted to do so.

Crop, edit, zoom in and zoom out in order to get your pictures to look the way you want on each page. When you are satisfied, review the calendar one final time before placing your order.

Enter in your credit card information onto the site when you are prompted to do so. Make sure you record a confirmation number as proof of your calendar purchase.

Customise your calendar once you receive it by writing down important events to serve as reminders for your husband. List family birthdays, anniversaries and previous commitments.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital photos
  • Computer
  • Paper
  • Pen
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